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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, GLAM was held in person over 2 days, reaching 250+ girls through our immersive leadership program. The event was delivered with the primary goal of ensuring each girl felt nurtured and empowered to define and articulate their dreams with the tools needed to create a vision and plan for the future.

Delivering at Scale - In 2021 GLAM has gone virtual and will be seeking to double our reach and impact alongside launching new initiatives and engaging content on our GLAMSquad pages, featuring content tailored for girls.

GLAM Virtual is delivered in collaboration with our corporate partners through funding and guest speakers. Talk to us today about how we can deliver a GLAM Virtual with you, and together we can reach and empower more girls around the world to be the trailblazers of tomorrow.


Girls at GLAM live 



Of all attendees from underserved backgrounds



2-day camps


Diverse women speakers