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Host a GLAM event

Host GLAM at your company!

Recognize your company’s women execs, empower the next generation of leaders, make a lasting contribution to gender equality, and showcase your commitment to your employees — all in one program!

What the girls learn 

GLAM  Virtual  delivers  a  proven  curriculum  that  sets girls  up  for  success  in  life  and  business  by  teaching them  soft  skills  like  self-confidence,  leadership, teamwork  and  public  speaking,  as  well  as  hard skills  like  computer  coding,  business  ideation,  and business  plan  development. 

Delivered  online  over  a  series  of  days  or  weeks  at  a cadence  that  works  best  for  your  company,  GLAM Virtual  takes  girls  through  a  series  of  four 90-minute learning  modules,  each  broadcast  live  with interaction  with  mentors  and  moderators  who address  girls’  questions  in  real  time.

Like a mini-MBA for girls

“My daughter completed GLAM Virtual and I thought, ‘Wow, it’s like a mini-MBA for girls.’ Confidence and self-efficacy are such important things in life, but are not being taught in school as much as they should be.”

 – GLAM Parent

Get started today!

Contact us at to host GLAM at your company, or click here to send us a message through our contact form.

World-class business content delivered by your female leaders

Program can be delivered during school holidays or on weekends

Opportunity to include underserved girls from your community

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