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What does your company do?

SaaS product development, software engineering & IT consulting.

Where do you work from in the world?

Global HQ is San Jose, with additional centers of excellence in Hyderabad, Krakow, London, Research Triangle Park (North Carolina), Guadalajara and Hong Kong.

What superpowers do you use?

World-class expertise, agility & speed, exceptional value, the ability to serve customers as trusted partners, and proven methodology to scale.

What is your organization famous for?

Creating a new paradigm in IT consulting by offering a full suite of digital transformation services while at the same time delivering value and agility. We also have three award-winning SaaS products: Chama, MojoRank and Intelligent Content Syndication.

How do you have fun at your organization?

We have a culture that values having fun at work and are always cooking up new ways to do this! During the 2020 pandemic, we had to be creative since people were working from home and we couldn’t see each other as much. One thing we did during this time was an online wine and cheese tasting party! Another thing we have done recently is a photo contest where employees vote for each other’s photos.

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Tell us why your organization supports GLAM.

GLAM (Girls Leadership Academy Meetup) was founded by iTalent Digital’s CEO, Renée La Londe, who knows first-hand how life-changing a program like GLAM can be. When she was 13 years old, her recently widowed mother made a financial sacrifice to scrape together enough money to send her to a summer coding camp. This watershed experience set her on the path to a successful career in tech. It is also the reason GLAM is always offered for free – so girls from any socio-economic background can participate.