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Girls Leadership Academy Meetup and iTalent Digital Partner for In-Person GLAM Event!

Updated: May 28

We can’t wait for you to read this blog post! It’s monumental, as it recaps our first post-pandemic, in-person GLAM Event! This immersive, two-day program occurred at the San Jose, CA Computer History Museum. Sixty girls ages 8 to 12 successfully completed our STEAM and leadership program, coded a maze game, created inspiring vision boards, and confidently delivered team business pitches!

BIG shout-outs to GLAM staff who managed this event and the champion iTD employees who volunteered! Additional corporate volunteers from various sponsors were business judges and provided session support.

We are also grateful to our incredible GLAM Mentors: Andrea Lopez, Diya Dalal, Isela Lopez, Kamalika Karthikeyan, Kara Sorial, Marissa Hernandez, Mugdha Sharma, Navya Tyagali, Nicole Wagenbrenner, Nisha Shenoy, Tina Engel, Vaishnavi Raghu, and Zoe Matthews. These enthusiastic young women aged 13+ came from California, Texas, and Arizona to be positive role models for our attendees!

Amazing C-suite women volunteered as Speakers and session leaders throughout this GLAM Event. These incredible women were incredible sources of inspiration, empowerment, and positivity for all in attendance. Powerful Senior female executives included:

Guest speaker for Young Entrepreneurship was ten-year-old Gabriella Ehrlich Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of Gabzilla. Gaby shared her love for art and upcycled clothing through her inspiring t-shirt business.

We were also very lucky to have Marisusan Trout, Partner at WINNAR Group, serve as an Event Emcee extraordinaire, a Keynote Speaker, and a Business Pitch mentor. This GLAM Event wouldn’t have been as successful without everyone's contributions and support!

Volunteers, speakers, and Team GLAM

The girls also participated in two creativity sessions - computer coding and vision boarding. With Maitri Chattopadhyay, Senior Software Engineer at Disney Streaming, as the coding lead, the girls ventured far into the coding curriculum of creating a maze game using the Scratch platform.

The girls also created amazing vision boards with Tooli-Art paint pens, inspirational stickers, as well as empowering words and phrases that reflect their hopes, dreams, and goals with Team GLAM.

The culminating sessions of this program involved presentations and mentoring with Chelsey Baker, CEO and Founder of National Mentoring Day, award-winning expert professional public speaking and business mentor. Chelsey helped each team improve their public speaking skills and perfect their business pitch through 1:1 mentoring.

Chelsey Baker, CEO and Founder of National Mentoring Day

Team Cha-Cha-Cha preparing to pitch their business idea

Ten teams pitched their business ideas to an audience of supportive parents and a judges’ panel of C-suite women. The girls let their personalities shine through and confidently answered the judges’ follow-up questions. Three teams were chosen as business pitch winners: 2nd Place - Team 4 , 1st Place - Team 8, and Overall Winners - Team 2.

GLAM, iTD, mentors, volunteers, and sponsors were incredibly impressed by all the girls - for standing up in front of hundreds of people, using their power stances, projecting their voices, and presenting their portion of their team’s business pitch. Sincere congratulations; you are all winners in our eyes! 🤩

Team 4, 2nd Place Business Pitch Winners

Team 8, 1st Place Business Pitch Winners

Team 2, Overall Business Pitch Winners

To find out how you can become involved with GLAM and in helping close the gender gap in STEAM and leadership, engage with us! Watch some program content on GLAMtv, read some recent blog posts, encourage your business partners to sponsor a GLAM Event, follow @GLAMReadyToLead on socials, donate, or email us for more ideas at .

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