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GLAM and Google Seek to Inspire the Next Generation of STEAM Leaders

Girls Leadership Academy Meetup and Google co-sponsored a high energy online, three-hour Coding Event for girls aged 8 to 12 in December 2022. Over 75 Google volunteers supported delivery of this GLAM program and a whopping 150 girls from 7 different countries registered! We also received the most Superpower Profile submissions for the GLAM Superpower Model database of any corporate sponsor. 24 incredible women from Google participated and have become visible, positive, female role models and mentors for girls around the globe!

During Part One, girls learned some background behind both GLAM and Google organizations. GLAM co-hosts Stephanie Luna Lopez and Apoorva Panidapu talked about the full GLAM STEAM and Leadership Program. They shared their top three Superpowers and encouraged the girls to take the free, anonymous, and fun GLAM Superpower Survey for Girls. Attendees also learned that they can customize these GLAM Superpower Avatars to look more like them!

Girls also heard from an empowering and inspirational Keynote Speaker during Part One. Ruth Seltzer, Engineering Director of Google Flights at Google, is a technical leader with over 30 years of Software Engineering management and product development experience. Ruth joined Google in April 2019 and leads the worldwide Engineering organization responsible for Google's Flight Search application. She shared her unique STEAM journey with the girls, some obstacles she has overcome, and the strategies she has used. Ruth also revealed her top three Superpowers that she learned from completing the GLAM Superpower Survey for Women and how they help her in her current role. Ruth wrapped up her presentation with some amazing encouragement for attendees and event volunteers alike! There was a lively Q&A session following her presentation that no one wanted to end. Girls asked such great questions and Ruth imparted even more wisdom.

Part Two was an AMAZE-ING, interactive coding session. Six leveled workshops for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced coders took place simultaneously online. Using the Scratch coding language, Google coding leads and co-leads brought girls through a GLAM-authored curriculum. Coding assistants from Google also provided group and individual support in virtual breakout rooms. The positive feedback from both the girls and the Google volunteers was incredible! Of the post-event survey responses we received, over 80% responded that they loved the coding session and will continue coding on their own!

Thank you to Google for sponsoring this GLAM Coding Event. Sincere appreciation to Ruth Seltzer, Google Keynote Speaker, for sharing her empowerment with our attendees and for leading a coding workshop! We are so grateful to all the Google volunteers and GLAM Ambassadors who supported the delivery of this monumental event!

Help Girls Leadership Academy Meetup (GLAM) empower more girls and help close the gender gap in STEAM and business! Learn more about GLAM programs through GLAMtv, encourage your company to sponsor a GLAM Event, or donate to GLAM. If you have any additional questions, please email Team GLAM. We appreciate your support!



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