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Companies that have women in top management roles  produce more patents — by an average of 20 percent more than teams with only male leaders.


Women make up almost half of the U.S. workforce, an estimated 47%. But only 5% are CEOs and 11% are senior managers. (Let's change that!) 


More than half of US University students are female, but less than a quarter of those students pursue degrees or careers in STEM. Mentoring can help.

Mentoring girls to become strong leaders and also excited about STEM fields will help create a new paradigm for our global ecomomy.


Did you



By 2030, the country is expected to face a net shortage of 962,000 tech workers.

This presents a giant opportunity for girls worldwide! 


Leading tech giants are investing in initiatives designed to increase the number of women pursuing a STEM career. Organizations and all of us at GLAM understand the VALUE that women bring to the table.


Empowered girls become empowered women.

We're Aiming for Impact

Leadership: Studies have shown that companies with more women in senior leadership roles consistently have better financial performance than those with fewer women in leadership.



STEM: Advocates for closing the STEM gender gap say that helping girls build confidence in math, science and computer skills increases the chance they will become role models.*(source)



Modeling: Self-Efficacy means believing in yourself to take action and succeed. Women business leaders and mentors are perfect role models for learning this skill, and positive motivators for girls.

Let's Make A Change

Three ways to help:


Tip the scale in favor of girls empowerment! Every dime goes towards our program's mission to make a positive global impact. 

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Volunteering at GLAM provides an opportunity to develop new skills, experience, and knowledge, alongside top business leaders. It also makes a difference in your community!

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