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GLAM content is curated especially for girls aged 8 to 12. You will learn about our immersive leadership and STEAM programs, engaging blog posts, amazing Superpowers content, as well as our cool YouTube channel!

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We believe that superpowers are  what makes each person unique, strong, and impactful in the world. These superpowers are about your character, passions, and talents. Everyone has superpowers! You many not know what your superpowers are yet, but you will soon! Click here to see our Superpower Content



Want to find out what superpowers women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) have? Look no further!  100s of women have put their capes on for GLAM, including CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, engineers, university students, and even young women who are already making their mark in the technology industry, such as Avye Coullete, founder of Girls into Coding, and Amna Habiba, founder of Global Creative Hub & MoodUp.  You’ll also find out more about our very own Renée La Londe, founder of GLAM!


Inspiring Girls ​Speaker Series

(click below to view videos)

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  • Delivering enriching learning experiences
    Through GLAM, we ensure that each girl is open to a life of possibilities and works at eliminating the barriers to entry by providing them with mentors, role models, and life-changing content from award-winning entrepreneurs who are as young as they are!
  • We don’t just talk to them about leadership. We show them!
    We connect girls to inspiring and fearless female leaders around the world, showcasing their superpowers and journeys. We help the girls to build their leadership skills toolkit, from confidence-building and business planning to understanding how to create a #dreamteam. Our mission is that for every girl we reach, it becomes second nature for them to seek opportunities, make decisions, and solve problems with creativity and passion while never listening to their “I can’t” voice.
  • We dream big together
    As women, we know how our future can be easily shaped by what we hear, observe, and experience. That’s why at GLAM, we focus on encouraging the girls to participate in leadership, coding, creativity, business planning, strategy, teamwork, public speaking and entrepreneurship. We help the girls to dream big by hearing from a breadth of impactful speakers and working with them to create vision boards. We don’t just encourage them to dream; at GLAM, we equip them with the tools and the belief to realize their dreams.
  • You can’t be what you can’t see
    We are committed to showcasing 10,000 women in STEM, leadership and business by 2030. By raising the visibility of what women are achieving around the world, we are highlighting the wealth of opportunities and possibilities that are open to girls, inspiring them to dream big. Want to put your cape on and become a GLAM Superpower Role Model? Find out more here.
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