All the content on our GLAM Squad page is for girls – we’ve got inspirational speakers and information about the 8 pillars of GLAM as well as a superpower quiz for you to complete!  You’ll find inspiring interviews and engaging activities – we hope you enjoy it!  You might also want to follow our Inspiring Girls Speaker Series on GLAM YouTube.



At GLAM, we love to talk about superpowers: what makes us special and strong, and how we can use our superpowers to add value!  Do you want to find out what your superpowers are? These aren’t the same superpowers you might find in a comic book or movie – it’s not about being invisible or traveling through time – these superpowers are about you, your passion and what are you really great at doing!



Want to find out what superpowers women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) have? Look no further!  100s of women have put their capes on for GLAM, including CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, engineers, university students, and even young women who are already making their mark in the technology industry, such as Avye Coullete, founder of Girls into Coding, and Amna Habiba, founder of Global Creative Hub & MoodUp.  You’ll also find out more about our very own Renée La Londe, founder of GLAM!


Inspiring Girls ​Speaker Series





Leadership: Leadership is when people follow an individual. A leader is someone who can inspire you or motivate you to meet a goal. Anyone can be a leader! To be a leader, you need to focus on developing skills such as confidence, communication, motivation, commitment and passion. 

Activity: Think about a leader you know and write down why you feel that they are a leader and what makes them good at leadership.


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