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Believe Within - A True Inspiration Always Wins!

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Driven by this urge to unlock the potential of young female minds, GLAM (Girls Leadership Academy Meetup) has started a movement.

Years ago, a young girl, happened to attend a computer coding camp. The knowledge jolt of that experience paved way for a successful career in IT, but more importantly gave this generation a soul-entrepreneur Renee Lalonde - a leader who believes and understands the impact of a thoughtfully designed tech spear, that pierces through nimble minds to extract priceless ideas. Driven by this urge to unlock the potential of young female minds, freeing them from personal and society stigmas, she started a movement GLAM (Girls Leadership Academy Meetup) in 2016.

The approach was simple: form a diverse union of girls, ignite their self-esteem through personally rendered stories of women divas in tech industry and then, backed by stellar mentorship, entice them with a challenge to deliver innovative business ideas. Maintain the influence of these drivers in a workshop setting and a day later the miracle(s) unfold. This year I witnessed GLAM-18 (July 21-22) phenomenon in person, with my participating daughter.

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Never realized that solutions leveraging technology are actually pretty straightforward! Where adults overcomplicate, GLAM leaders present convincing business propositions on how to deal with busy mother’s manicure needs constrained by time, solve bulk recycling issues using renewal energy and leverage 3D printing to design unique products never imagined before, without compromising profit margins. The Shark Tank Panel comprising Telle WhitneySheila Jordan, Ishita MajumdarRania HoteitChristina Plutaand Lesley Kim Grossblatt are ecstatic.

The entry door of laughter is now an exit door of technology crafters – a glorious achievement, a sowing for intellect reaping and declaration of female empowerment.

In words of Halla Tómasdóttir, Former Director – Iceland Chamber of Commerce, on impact of women leaders “One is a token, two is a minority and when you have three women in a board room, group dynamics changes triggering a positive culture change.”

GLAM - a perennial flow of future women visionaries……year after year…...for years to come.

Ruchi Kohar

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