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Get coding with Scratch

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Hi GLAMSquad!

I’m Katy Dark, and I want to introduce you to the world of block coding and animation!

The video you are about to watch (see below!) is an intro to the coding program, Scratch, which you can also find more information about here:

This lesson consists of a quick practice exercise where we will code a dance party. Next, we’ll animate a fun little game to use the new skills you’ve learned, and together we will explore the awesome things we can make online!

I hope you enjoy our Scratch session and continue to practice and code more. You’ll soon be creating more fun things!

A little bit about me

I am currently a senior in high school in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. I love coding; it’s a passion I have pursued for about seven years now, since I was in the sixth grade. I am Latina. I was born in Argentina, and then we moved to the U.S., which is where I am now. I am currently applying to colleges in England, which I am very excited about.

My coding journey

I started coding in the sixth grade. I had just started at a new school that had an amazing computer science program. I took basic classes, which I really enjoyed, so I kept taking computer science classes every year through eleventh grade in high school, and I haven’t looked back. I love coding!

I think coding is important

…because not only is it the base of so many important aspects of life that we rely on daily, from TV to computers to phones, but it's also a gateway to an entirely different world. Coding is a community where you can find like-minded people and incredible opportunities that you might not have had otherwise.

What I enjoy the most about coding

I love having the ability to create something, all from my own skill. It's incredible to see something you have put hours of work into come to life in front of you. While you may face challenges, from bugs in your code to finding time to code during school, it is important to remember that so long as you try your best you will always be doing an incredible job.

I have really struggled with balancing everything I have been working on, but I make sure to stay organized and make blocks of time for the different things I am tackling right now, like homework, college applications, learning C++, and learning how to play the guitar.

My advice to all girls everywhere

I would say just do it! STEM can be an incredibly difficult field, but it is an amazing experience. We need more girls and women in STEM – it’s still a male dominated-industry but if you, our friends and I all get coding, we can be the change.

And remember, that anything you have done, you worked for all on your own and it is your accomplishment. Be proud of who you are and what you can do.

What am I working on now?

Right now, I am hoping to pursue computer science and mathematics and I am currently focusing on college applications and my schoolwork. But on the side I have been working on a program on Raspberry Pi that helps tune guitars - since I have been trying to learn guitar during the pandemic. Want to follow in my footsteps? Check it out here:

My superpower is……

I guess my superpower would be remembering things, which sounds kind of silly. Ever since I was young, I never struggled to memorize topics and notes in class which has helped me accelerate my coding knowledge, so it’s actually a really great superpower!

Even with my superpower, coding is a lot of work and requires dedication, so it is important to find a project that really fascinates me!

That’s my last bit of advice too: Find a project that excites you and grabs your attention - as it will push you to work harder on your coding skills. It also helps to find an adult at your school or in your community who has a background in coding to help mentor you as it can be easy to get stuck at times!

Now go get coding!


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