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How to sharpen your creative edge

When did you last draw or make something? In a world where we have a breadth of television programs focused on showcasing other people’s creativity, from home makeovers to bake-offs, dance-offs, and talent shows, are we becoming less creative, or more? And why does it even matter?

Our Pillars

At GLAM, our program for inspiring girls to be the trailblazers of tomorrow focuses on eight pillars:

The GLAM pillars are clearly a combination of leadership and soft skills with creativity and coding, feeling a little more ‘right-side’ of the brain! But at GLAM, we believe creativity is crucial and that we must do all we can to retain and nurture the girls’ ability for imagination so we can fuel their ability to invent, create and dream big.

For those of us who stopped drawing or painting, could the reason have been as simple as being told, while still young, that we just weren’t that talented – that only those that went on to study an art-related subject continued to allow their creativity to flourish?

“There are various myths about creativity. One is that only special people are creative, another is that creativity is only about the arts, a third is that creativity cannot be taught, and a fourth is that it’s all to do with uninhibited “self-expression.”….None of these is true.”
Sir Ken Robinson*

But why does it matter?

Put simply, creativity matters because it’s the spark of curiosity that enables us to strive to improve through ideas, innovation, and make the impossible possible – it’s our innate ability to solve problems. With creative minds, we can continue to push the boundaries, do big things, and make advancements in technology, sciences, and engineering. And according to the World Economic Forum, creativity is the third-most-important skill for employees in 2020, stating, “With the avalanche of new products, new technologies, and new ways of working, workers are going to have to become more creative in order to benefit from these changes.

How to regain a creative edge

Here’s some advice on how to reboot our creative mindsets within the workplace, from the dream team at WeWork:

1. Free up time and mental constraints through technology and automation

2. Create a psychological safety net for employees to take risks

3. Implement programs that encourage creativity

4. Foster an environment where creativity is recognized and rewarded

And for all of us, big kids and small ones – here are six great tips on how to spark your creativity by National Geographic:

1. Allow time for doing nothing

2. Get outside

3. Look around at what you can tweak

4. Make time to play

5. Try, try again

6. Don’t be afraid to think small

Vision Boarding

At GLAM, the girls make vision boards, creatively sharing their dreams and goals, creating artwork, and as GLAM moves virtual in 2021, we will be showcasing their vision boards on our Facebook page.

Our mission at GLAM is a simple one: To equip girls across the globe with the skills and confidence to seek leadership roles, feel the power within their voice, and create positive change in the world. We're 100% focused on taking our award-winning program virtual and increasing our online presence and content offerings for girls. In addition to joining our #GLAMSquad, you can also help by:

  • Donating funds – We’re always grateful for funding as we are committed to offering GLAM for free - Donate here

  • Partnering with us – We love collaborating and have some great partnership opportunities! To learn more, connect with Ali for a chat.

  • Getting social and sharing our story - By following, liking, and engaging with GLAM on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

* Written in memory of Sir Ken Robinson (4 March 1950 – 21 August 2020)

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