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Inspire girls with your superpowers

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

At GLAM we connect girls to awesome and fearless female leaders around the world, showcasing their superpowers and journeys. We help the girls to build their leadership skills toolkit, from confidence to business planning to understanding how to create a #dreamteam.

Our mission is to equip girls across the globe with the skills and confidence to seek leadership roles, feel power within their voice, and create positive change in the world. And we need you, to help us.

#1000WomenInSTEM - At GLAM, we know the importance of role models, which is why we are inviting women in STEM to share their journeys in a way that girls can relate to. We must ensure that our role models are honest and brave, that they talk about setbacks, obstacles they’ve overcome, and failures that made them stronger. That’s why we are inviting 1,000 women in STEM to join us and showcase their journeys.

Superpower Role Models – if you work in a role or industry related to science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM), we need you! We want to showcase #1000WomenInSTEM to help expose girls around the globe to the wealth of career possibilities.

How to become a Superpower Role Model:

  • STEP One - Complete the GLAM Superpower Survey – here, you’ll be selecting 12 to 15 adjectives (descriptive words) that best describe you. After you’ve selected and submitted the adjectives that best describe you, you will find what your superpowers are!

  • STEP Two - Complete your Superpower Role Model profile - At the beginning of the profile, you are asked to confirm your superpowers based on your survey results (select up to 3). We’ve also got some great questions for you to answer, to help share a little more about you and what you do. We will ask you to add a photo and provide an inspirational quote, as well.

Who can take part? - All women! As long as you complete the GLAM Superpower Survey before you complete your role model profile, we’d love to showcase you – the more diversity, the better – we want every girl to know that there is someone out there like them! We’re not looking for 1,000 engineers or 1,000 CEOs – we’re looking to showcase 1,000 women in STEM – if you work in a STEM career or industry, no matter what you do or what level you’re at – come join our #1000WomenInSTEM

Launch timing: We aim is to launch the Superpower Survey to girls in early 2021. We will invite and support girls to complete the GLAM Superpower Survey, so they can discover what their superpowers are and see all the amazing women who have the same superpowers around the world.

Thank you! At GLAM, we are committed to showcasing 1,000 women in STEM by 2030, and we would like to thank you for being one of them! We are always looking for more friends and partners of GLAM. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how you can support GLAM, reach out to

Give a little love to GLAM, this #GivingTuesday:

  • Donate to GLAM - help us to enable more girls to become strong, self-confident, and successful women, our trailblazers of tomorrow who believe in themselves and one another.

  • Get social for GLAM - share our campaign to showcase #1000WomeninSTEM, share, like and comment on our posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Join our mission to showcase 1,000 Women in STEM by 2030 - sign-up here!

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