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Advocating for Others in STEM and in the Courtroom

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

When your personal data and online activity is accessible and sold to third parties, you may wonder if it’s possible to regain control of your information. Good news, it is! Today’s guest is an expert in privacy and cybersecurity and helps people protect themselves and their data.

Wynter Deagle is a Privacy and Cybersecurity Attorney, Trial Litigator, and Certified Diversity Professional. Her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession stems from her lack of role models in the legal field when she was growing up. That is why Wynter mentors young women who are interested in becoming lawyers. She understands the importance of having mentors to guide you towards your dreams.

Wynter’s Superpowers of empathy and compassion help her connect with people from low-income situations and underserved communities because she had a similar upbringing. Now she uses her platform, privilege, and position to uplift and empower aspiring young lawyers who do not have the resources or support systems they need. Wynter advocates for them and pulls up a seat at the table and makes room for their unique, diverse perspectives to be heard.

The world needs more strong, wise, innovative women like Wynter in STEAM spaces. If you are interested in data privacy and cybersecurity, then this interview is for you. Team GLAM and Wynter hope that this interview inspires you to pursue your dreams and to work hard for what you want! You can do it!

More about Wynter Deagle

Wynter is a trusted advisor in the boardroom and a fierce advocate in the courtroom when organizations face issues found at the intersection of law, technology, and innovation. Privacy and cybersecurity are her passions. She is the managing partner of a distinguished AMLAW firm, where she leads a large national office of global, interdisciplinary data privacy and cybersecurity attorneys as well as support staff.

More about Apoorva Panidapu

Apoorva is the Chief STEAM Advisor at GLAM. She started working with GLAM in 2018 as a mentor and speaker at our live events and is now a member of Team GLAM! At age 12, Apoorva created Apoorva Panidapu Art Gallery, an online platform selling her artwork with all proceeds going to charity. She is passionate about gender equity in STEAM and encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams.

Watch their interview

If you want to showcase female leaders at your company and empower young leaders, please email Team GLAM at for information on how your company can host a GLAM Event.

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