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STEM Education and Future Technology Are Cool!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

What is technology? Is it something that needs batteries or an energy source to operate? Can it improve our lives and our safety, like an air conditioner or a fire alarm? Today’s special guest teaches us about technology beyond computers and phones!

Cheryl Altany is the Global Business Technologist and Transformation Executive at Carrier. She works with schools and colleges globally to bring new technology that can unlock doors, turn on lights, and set room temperatures all from a phone! If you’re interested in learning about “cool”, new technology, then stay tuned for this insightful interview!

Women are capable of doing anything! Cheryl discovered her passion for technology at a young age and pursued her dreams, despite the challenges. Team GLAM and Cheryl hope that this interview gives you “cool” insights into STEM education and future career possibilities!

More about Cheryl Altany

Cheryl Altany has always been a curious, kinesthetic learner. One of her first experiences with technology was with her father when she was young. She helped him take apart a car engine, clean all the parts, and then put it back together. When she turned the car key and heard the engine start, Cheryl felt empowered and realized that she could do anything! Cheryl now works at Carrier and supplies safety technology to education campuses.

More about Stephanie

Stephanie is one of the Operations Specialists at GLAM. She started working with GLAM in 2018 as a mentor at our live events and is now a member of Team GLAM! Stephanie enjoys mentoring and advising people because helping others achieve their goals is one of the greatest gifts. She also likes to play tennis and spend time with her family and friends.

Watch the interview

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