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You, too, can be a leader! Here's how

We are excited to present Suzanne Rice from Facebook, who shares her insights about leadership, including the fact that anyone can be a leader. Suzanne talks about the pivotal moment when she realized that she, too, could become a leader. In this inspiring interview, Suzanne shares her perspective on what it takes to be a good leader.

Suzanne Rice, Global Business Planning & Operations at Facebook

Suzanne is responsible for planning strategies for Facebook advertisements, organizing sales systems, and making important business decisions to help Facebook head in the right direction. Suzanne’s role is critical and she works every day to make Facebook great! Suzanne has presented many times for GLAM and is a Superpower Role Model; check out her profile here.

Our host for this interview is GLAM Mentor Stephanie Luna-Lopez

Stephanie graduated from UC Berkeley and was recently accepted into UCLA! Stephanie is pursuing her master’s degree in social science, and her goal is to help students turn their dreams of going to university into reality.

Watch the video

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