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Cisco exec shares advice for life and leadership

When you are on your computer or mobile phone and using the internet, have you ever thought about how it all works? What allows you to connect with your friends in your neighborhood, as well as people around the world? Well, you need some very powerful technology, and Cisco makes technology that does just that! We interviewed Hina Patel, a leader at Cisco. In this interview you’ll learn about Hina’s journey and some essential life and leadership advice!

More about Hina Patel

Hina realized she loved computer science and started her early employment working as a software developer before her leadership career at Cisco. Now the Director of Sales Operations at Cisco, Hina knows a lot about what it takes to be a leader!

Hina ensures that Cisco prioritizes and monitors the right projects while improving all partner communications and building the data and reporting platform for their partners. As well as being a GLAM Ambassador, Hina also adopted a school in her home village in Gujarat, India, where the focus is to provide education to the local children from preschool to high school. Check out Hina’s Superpower Profile.

Our host for this interview is GLAM Mentor Courtney Gibbons

As well as being a GLAM Ambassador, Courtney is working on getting her BS and MS in Electrical Engineering at UCLA in the Fast Track to Success program. If that wasn’t enough, following from an internship, Courtney is also a data analyst for Check out Courtney’s superpower profile for GLAM and find out more about her here: Courtney Gibbons Superpower Profile

Watch the interview

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