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Meet Role Model, Trailblazer, and Entrepreneur Avye Couloute

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

We’re so excited to share with you a thrilling, inspiring, and exclusive GLAM interview hosted by Gurmehar Kaur, also known as ‘G,’ and Avye Couloute.

Let’s start with a bit of background! G is the daughter of Darshpreet Sabharwal (Darshpreet manages software projects at Arm). G isn’t necessarily excited by coding as much as she is about being a potential news broadcaster! And that’s why G leaped at the opportunity to support GLAM by interviewing Avye. G is 12 years old and lives in the UK.

So here’s a little bit more above Avye!

With a coding career that started at the age of seven (I KNOW – how amazing is that?) 13-year-old Avye’s number-one goal is to create opportunities for girls in STEM and be a visible role model for coding generations to come. GLAM Squad are already feeling inspired!

A motivation for Avye was that when she was learning to code, she noticed that sometimes she was the only girl taking part in the workshops. So Avye decided to do something about it. Avye took her coding knowledge, and with help from friends and family, started her own organization called Girls into Coding.

Avye has been crushing it ever since – winning awards, taking to the stage around the world, running workshops for girls, raising funds for Girls into Coding, and helping give tech kits to girls. Avye is also a champion for making technology that effects positive change in the world!

Hi everyone, my name is Avye, I think of myself as a maker, coder, tech advocate, workshop leader, and social entrepreneur. I am enthusiastic about sharing my skills & experiences with others. I’m an Arm ambassador, part of the GenArm2Z program which enables young people to talk to tech leaders about how technology is being used & shaped for the future. Here I answer G’s questions about my journey and mission!

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