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GLAM Event with Cisco Winners: Young Girls Inspire Global Changes

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

GLAM hosted a hugely successful Leadership and STEAM Event with Cisco in November 2022! Over 120 girls from seven countries registered for this two-day, 6-hour event. Approximately 45 Cisco employees volunteered as Keynote Speakers, coding leads and assistants, and business pitch judges. We can't think of a better way for corporations to support communities than for their employees to volunteer in a program that inspires and empowers girls to believe in themselves and to seek leadership positions in business and STEAM fields.

The weekend was fun-packed with outstanding Cisco women Keynote Speakers who shared their wisdom regarding the GLAM Pillars. Our own Chief STEAM Advisor, Apoorva Panidapu, presented her young entrepreneurial journey. Wow! And the girls also had invaluable mentoring in both public speaking and business pitching from the world-renowned expert, Chelsey Baker! The coding workshops consistently bring a lot of enthusiasm and these attendees were no exception. They were so excited to explore Scratch and code their own mazes!

The culmination of this GLAM program was for the girls to create, record, and submit a 3-minute business pitch. Throughout the event, attendees learned about business plan elements and received exclusive, live public speaking and business pitching mentoring sessions designed for GLAM and delivered by the Founder and CEO of National Mentoring Day, Chelsey Baker. Cisco judging volunteers reviewed, scored, and shared constructive feedback on the business pitches. We received 14 fantastic business pitches! The topics were broad - addressing global issues from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to creative solutions to address home improvement projects. All 14 future leaders showed us that anything is possible when given the tools and you’re open to change!

Ava, age 12, 1st Place, Solar Comp

Ava’s business idea, Solar Comp, is a solar-powered composter that reduces food waste in landfills. The automated composter simplifies the process so anyone can compost their food waste! Ava’s knowledge of composting, sustainability laws, and pitching skills wowed the judges, earning her 1st Place! Watch Ava’s pitch:

Alyssa, age 9, 2nd Place, Awesome Pet Tracker

Alyssa created Awesome Pet Tracker with a GPS tracker, camera, and heart monitor to allow owners to observe their pets from their phones. Awesome Pet Tracker is the peace of mind that so many pet owners need! Alyssa’s business planning and pitching skills have improved since her participation in a 2021 GLAM event, and she earned 2nd Place! Watch Alyssa’s pitch here.

Heba, age 9, 3rd Place, Color Wall

Painting a room or a house can deter a person from renovating a space due to the cost, labor, and time. Color Wall is a creative solution that utilizes specialized, eco-friendly paint infused with nanobots. This product allows you to change the color of any wall from your phone! Heba’s innovative business idea and creativity impressed the judges and earned her 3rd Place! Watch Heba’s pitch here.

Emi, age 9, 4th Place, Mermaid Glam

“I am a helper. I am intelligent. I am fierce!” Emi’s business idea, Mermaid Glam, is an affirmation app that empowers young girls through card decks and gamification. Mermaid Glam teaches girls self-love and confidence while also teaching them how to uplift those around them. Chief Mermaid Officer, Emi, won 4th Place with her inspiring business idea and great pitching skills! Watch Emi’s pitch here.

Pari, age 8, Honorable Mention, Spectacular Recycle

Pari is envisioning creative, sustainable solutions to reduce plastic waste with her business idea, Spectacular Recycle. Pari creates backpacks, shoes, and plant pots from recycled plastic bags, helping to reduce marine pollution. Pari’s “spectacular” business idea and prototype website earned her an Honorable Mention. Watch Pari’s pitch here.

Congratulations to the winners and every girl who submitted a business pitch! We are so proud of all of you for being brave and doing your best at this task! You put all the skills you learned into practice and did such a great job. We cannot wait to hear about the many outstanding achievements in your future!

Would you help us reach and empower more girls?

As a nonprofit, Girls Leadership Academy Meetup relies on individual donations and corporate partnerships. YOU support our delivery of immersive events, the creation of inspiring content, and our ability to offer our award-winning program free of charge for girls aged 8 to 12. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to GLAM or hosting a GLAM event with your company. Please email Team GLAM for more information. Thank you!

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