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GLAM Program with eBay Business Pitch Winners: Tackling Global Goals with Creative Ideas

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

The GLAM Leadership & Coding Program delivered with eBay on September 17 -18, 2022, proved once again to be a huge success! The 3-hour sessions included women executive Keynote Speakers from eBay, who presented LIVE talks on the GLAM's Pillars; Leadership, Strategy, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, the speakers answered the girls' questions in real time! The new format went smoothly and was divided into two three-hour sessions, with the 90+ 8-12-year-old girls highly engaged!

On Day 1, C-suite women from eBay presented the GLAM Pillars LIVE and shared their wisdom while answering the girls’ insightful questions. This was followed by the coding session where eBay volunteers led the girls through three levels of our fun, new coding curriculum using the Scratch coding language.

On Day 2, the girls learned two offline tasks - creating a vision board and the Final Mission - creating a business plan and pitching it in a recorded video. The award-winning public speaking and business pitching expert, Chelsey Baker, mentored the girls on how to pitch their plan for the Final Mission through engaging presentations and lively question sessions.

The Final Mission task consists of four parts - completing a Business Plan Template, practicing a presentation of this information, recording a 3-minute business pitch, and submitting a video pitch to GLAM! Judging volunteers from eBay watched the pitches, scored them, and provided positive, constructive feedback for the girls. We are proud and wowed by their unique business ideas, confidence, and presentation skills! In our eyes, all girls who submit a business pitch are winners!

The five pitches listed below earned very close scores and reflected a theme of welfare and the United National Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) #3 of Good Health and Well-Being.

Sanaya, age 11, 1st Place, Tierra

Sanaya undertakes several UN SDGs with her business, Tierra. Her business idea is to manufacture more affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly geothermal cooling systems, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global dependence on fossil fuels. Her idea ensures everyone has access to affordable air conditioning.

Sanaya's public speaking and business pitching skills were spot on! Well done, Sanaya!

Vedha, age 11, a 2nd Place Tie, Venture Paws

Vedha recognizes the value of pet ownership. Science shows that owning any companion animal can improve mental and physical health. Venture Paws ensures pet safety with a biodegradable, adjustable pet harness featuring a tracker, camera, and microphone, where lost pets of all sizes and varieties reunite with their owners. Watch Vedha's pitch.

Ashwithaa, age 12, a 2nd Place Tie, Pet Purpose

Ashwithaa is passionate about animal welfare and the rising number of abandoned animals. Pet Purpose seeks to re-home abandoned pets and donates 25% of its profits to other animal shelters. The good health, safety, and well-being of animals impacts communities. Watch Ashwithaa's pitch.

Myra, age 10, 3rd Place, ECOPUP

Recycling, reusing, and reducing waste are all critical aspects of our good health and well-being, as well as the planet's. Myra's business, ECOPUP, reuses clothes and recycles plastic water bottles to make eco-friendly, fashionable, affordable pet collars, leashes, and toys. Myra enlists the help of her dog to model and test her products! Watch Myra's pitch.

Hasini, age 10, 4th Place, Customized Cupcakes

Who doesn't love bringing homemade baked goods when visiting with friends, celebrating at work, or sharing a meal with family? Hasini intends to "make the world a better place, one cupcake at a time"! Customized Cupcakes allows customers to order specialty baked goods available in unique flavors, like Boba tea, through her website. She then delivers each order and tracks customer order history. Is anyone else ready for a baked treat now? Watch Hasini's pitch.

Saanvi, age 11, Honorable Mention, BookWorm

Reading has values and benefits at all levels and stages of life. Reading can improve your health and overall well-being. BookWorm is a multi-dimensional app for readers of all levels and ages. Saanvi's app recommends book titles based on age, interests, and search history. It also helps emergent readers develop strong reading habits through interactive games and activities. More experienced readers can log all books read, connect with other readers worldwide, and submit book review videos for prizes. Watch Saanvi's pitch.

Would you help us reach and empower more girls?

As a nonprofit, Girls Leadership Academy Meetup relies on private financial donations and corporate partnerships. YOU support our delivery of immersive events, the creation of inspiring content, and our ability to offer our award-winning program free of charge for girls aged 8 to 12.

Please consider hosting a GLAM event with your company or making a tax-deductible donation to GLAM. You can also email Team GLAM for more information. Thank you!

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