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GLAM Virtual with Cisco September Winners: Innovative Ideas and Confident Leaders

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

After completing the #GLAMVirtual program sponsored by Cisco, twenty one young entrepreneurs submitted their business pitches to GLAM. All did an outstanding job pitching their creative business ideas and proved to be innovative leaders with great confidence! The pitches follow a common theme of helping others and improving our world!

The girls presented their business ideas with such passion, confidence, and enthusiasm. We are certain they’re destined to be our future leaders! In particular, the following pitches stood out to our judges and were named the winners of this GLAM Virtual with Cisco!

Rhea (age 9) earned the Overall Winner award with an almost perfect score for her innovative product called Protect U!

Rhea’s passion and energy about her business idea won not only first place, but also our confidence in her! Her product, Protect U, is a device that scans your hands to detect viruses like the flu and COVID-19. It also alerts you if you need to wash your hands. Rhea’s goal is to reach parents, schools, hospitals, and airports with this innovative device so they can help children stay safe. She did a great job explaining her idea clearly and thoroughly. We know Rhea will make an incredible impact on our world and will accomplish big things! Watch her pitch:

Highly Commended Pitches:

These three girls won Highly Commended awards for their creative business ideas and strong pitches!

Arunya (age 11) Reboxed with Love is an app that reduces waste and consumption! With her app, people can schedule pick-ups of their cardboard boxes. These donated boxes are then re-sold back to companies to reuse for future shipping. People can feel good about recycling their cardboard boxes and seeing them reused. Watch her pitch here.

Alyssa (age 8) LOVES gymnastics and wants to ensure that everyone has access to classes, no matter where they live. Through Awesome Gymnastics, she will teach virtual gymnastics classes for kids ages 6-9 who don't have access to in-person classes! Watch her pitch here.

Ria (age 9) takes a creative spin on the bookmark with her business idea, The Perfect Bookmark! She creates unique, laminated bookmarks that you can customize. You can personalize each bookmark with add ons, such as tassels, charms, favorite colors, and your chosen designs! Watch her pitch here.

An Honorable Mention award went to Ananya (age 12). Her sustainable business idea, Trash to Toys. was too good not to acknowledge! Ananya partners with toy manufacturers to use recycled trash to make toys. She also connects with nonprofit organizations to ensure all children have access to these toys! Her engaging attitude and passion for the planet stood out to the judges. Watch her pitch here.

We are so proud of the girls who submitted business pitches! These girls are innovative leaders, and we cannot wait to see what they achieve next! A special “thank you” to our corporate partner Cisco, who has been partnering with GLAM since 2017. We also acknowledge all the amazing volunteers who helped make this GLAM Virtual such a success!

Contact Team GLAM today at to host a virtual event with your company! You can also support GLAM by donating through our website.

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