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GLAM Virtual Arm August Winners: Trailblazing into Tomorrow!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

GLAM Virtual business plan pitch winners, sponsored by Arm in August 2021

After completing the #GLAMVirtual program last month sponsored by Arm, 23 young entrepreneurs confidently submitted their business pitches to Team GLAM. All of these girls did an excellent job presenting creative business ideas and proved to be absolute trailblazers! These pitches follow a humanitarian thread and focus on many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Several pitches stood out for our judges and were named winners of this August's GLAM Virtual sponsored by Arm!

Since 2018, Girls Leadership Academy Meetup (GLAM) has partnered with Arm to empower girls ages 8-12 worldwide. To date, together we have empowered over 300 girls worldwide to seize their futures, fully utilize their superpowers, and achieve their dreams. Most importantly, we have encouraged girls to see themselves as leaders.

GLAM Virtual Arm covered the fundamentals of business and leadership. Together, our girls learned about GLAM’s Eight Pillars: Leadership, Strategy, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Computer Coding, Business Skills, and Public Speaking.

After gaining a wealth of knowledge from our amazing guest speakers and the coding workshops, it was time for the girls’ Final Mission: to brainstorm a unique business idea and to record a three-minute pitch about their business plan.

Here are the winners who stood out to our judges at Arm for this GLAM Virtual:

Hermione took the Overall Winner award for her heart-warming business idea, Cancer Care Journals.

Hermione (age 11) won our hearts and first place with her business idea. She designed a journal filled with positive quotes and self-reflection spaces for people to write about their emotions as they persevere through their cancer journey. The mission of Hermione’s company is a truly admirable one: to help others “feel supported” and to "see the positive", even while going through a struggle as difficult as cancer. We absolutely loved the motivation behind Hermione’s company! Hermione also shared her own experience, how she wanted to help her friend who struggled when her stepmother was diagnosed with cancer. Hermione really stood out to us because of her beautiful goals, and we know she is going to have an amazing impact on our world!

Aniya won the Superpowers Award for her company, Lemonz ‘n’ Bubbles.

We thought Aniya (age 11) made excellent use of her strong coding and design skills, along with her incredible business acumen to pitch her idea. She designed a bubble tea and lemonade stall that allows customers to order their drinks through an exciting program on Scratch that she coded herself! Aniya’s passion for bubble tea, one of her favorite drinks, radiated from her video. We could tell she wanted to share this drink with everyone. Aniya elevated her business idea by testing her app and products with live customers who came to her stall! Watch her pitch here.

Yashoda and her business idea, Flying Colours, won the STEAM Award.

We found Yashoda’s (age 11) use of her incredible art skills in her virtual art class business to be absolutely brilliant! Yashoda even went so far as to demonstrate her business success by providing real testimonials from recent participants to really elevate her business pitch. We love how passionate Yashoda is about art, and we’re thrilled that she wants to share this love with others, as well. Watch her pitch here.

Highly Commended Pitches:

Here are some pitches that we found so impressive that we had to feature them in this blog, as well!

Vera’s (age 9) Birthday Band provided an excellent combination of live music and technology. Vera’s confidence in her craft really impressed us! Watch her pitch here.

Sophie’s (age 10) Just Play app was a true, one-of-a-kind, learning-centric idea to teach life skills that we at GLAM definitely approve of! Watch her pitch here.

Naomi’s (age 11) Equ Books had a meaningful mission to educate children about inequality and was delivered stunningly! Watch her pitch here.

Jasmine’s (age 12) My Shining Planet app was an eco-friendly idea to track litter picking that would definitely help us all make our world cleaner!

We are so proud of the girls who submitted business pitches. They are all trailblazers and we cannot wait to see what they achieve next! A special “thank you” to our corporate partner Arm and all the amazing volunteers who helped make this GLAM Virtual a success!

We’re so proud to partner with the amazing team at GLAM to inspire the next generation of strong, self-confident girls. Our event this August was our third big success with GLAM in 2021. Our female colleagues have loved getting the chance to connect with GLAM’s network of passionate, smart young trailblazers and support them on their coding journeys. Our hope is that together, we’re building towards a more diverse technology industry.

– Anna Malan, Community & Inclusion Manager at Arm

Contact Team GLAM today at to host an event at your company. You can also support GLAM by donating through our website.

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