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How one entrepreneur combines wellness, travel, beauty, and giving back

If you’re interested in starting a business, becoming a leader, or working in the beauty and wellness industry, you will definitely love listening to this interview with Shalini Vadhera! When you think about a job that would make you happy to go to work every day, what do you think of? Would you love to work at a job where you can use your creativity and passion? Well, that’s exactly what Shalini does on a daily basis.

Shalini took the opportunity to start her own company based on something she loved doing! Doesn’t that sound awesome? In this interview with Shalini, she shares insights from her adventures as an entrepreneur, confirms that it wasn’t always easy, and talks to us about her superpower!

More about Shalini Vadhera

Shalini is a mission-driven, award-winning entrepreneur who believes confident women can change the world, and at GLAM we’re 100% in agreement! She has built a career on empowering women in beauty and business, and helping them live a more balanced life. And she’s certainly keeping herself busy!

Shalini is the Founder and CEO of Ready Set Jet and Passport to Beauty, organizations that are focused on both beauty and wellness, with strong social impact. Shalini seeks out opportunities to give back through empowering and inspiring women by using beauty as a vehicle for global change. Shalini is using her life experiences to help girls in India reach their full potential through skills development, micro-entrepreneurship, and job creation.

It doesn’t stop there. Shalini has also founded SVP Global Brands, which develops creative beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands to help women around the world. And Shalini has used her passion for travel and experiencing new cultures to help her combine traditional beauty and wellness solutions with innovation, helping people to feel their best, inside and out!

Our host for this interview is GLAM Mentor Disha Srivastava

Disha Srivastava is a proud Minutemen studying computer science and economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Disha is passionate about the role of innovation within business and loves to discuss economics and social good. In her free time, she enjoys life outdoors, spending time hiking, gardening, and getting closer to nature! Disha is also a GLAM Mentor, supporting girls while attending our GLAM live events.

Watch the interview

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