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How to be pitch perfect!

The video below features an interview with Chelsey Baker, the UK's number-one pitching expert, multi-award-winning business mentor and the founder and CEO of National Mentoring Day. Chelsey is also a great friend and advocate of GLAM!

No one can provide better advice than our expert business coach, Chelsey Baker. In fact, at a very young age, Chelsey, through a school activity, discovered her own voice. She learned that there’s great power in using the tone or the speed, the loudness, and the rhythm. You can use your voice to comfort someone, make them laugh, or smile.

In this interview, Chelsey shares with us the value of mentorship and public speaking, with lots of great advice and tips that will help you to find your voice, too!


Chelsey shares her thoughts on the benefits of having a mentor:

  • A mentor can be a great sounding board for your ideas.

  • Their experiences and the mistakes they've made provide valuable feedback, encouragement and support.

  • They can help you understand yourself better and make better choices in life.

Public Speaking

Chelsey also shares insights and advice about public speaking:

  • Using your voice, you can transcend a situation!

  • Anyone can be a great speaker.

  • You should be passionate about your subject – it should be something you know well.

  • Use your voice and practice, practice, practice!

Chelsey also offers advice and encouragement for shy girls, reassuring us that anyone can speak in public. In fact, Chelsey tells us that top speakers are often shy but with a good script in hand, they become great speakers.

As an extra bonus, you will learn about Chelsey's superpower!

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