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In conversation with Stephanie from Arm

We are excited to bring you another special guest in our Inspiring Girls Speaker series. Our guest will help us understand more about technology and what it is like to work at a cool and fun place that makes the most amazing products! Our guest works with teams that manage programs that support the creation of FUTURE technology. Wow, mind-expanding when you think about the many endless possibilities for future products.

Our guest is Stephanie Esuola, Senior Program Manager at Arm in Cambridge, England. Stephanie is currently taking a year out to complete a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Also joining us is Shani Zuberi, GLAM Mentor extraordinaire! Shani has been a GLAM mentor & speaker at GLAM events since 2017. Shani wants to be a film producer one day and run her own film production company.

Shani interviewed Stephanie about her job as a Senior Program Manager at Arm, and she learned that Stephanie also studied Law at Warwick University. Stephanie can wear many hats when it comes to her career. Let's get started and learn more about Stephanie, her superpowers, and what it is like leading teams at a leading tech company!

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