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It's never too soon to start saving!

We can’t wait to introduce you to a money expert from New York City and a 15-year old fantasy writer from Austin, Texas! Together they joined forces to talk about a very important subject: MONEY!

Emily Green, Ellevest, GLAM
Inspiring Girls to Lead with Emily Green

The 15-year-old fantasy writer is Lorena Koppel-Torres, who started her first fantasy novel when she was nine years old. Why would a nine-year-old write a fantasy novel, you ask? Because she noticed that fantasy books for 8-12 year-olds didn’t have very many girls as main characters nor very many exciting stories involving girls. What good is a fantasy novel without a girl as the main character? Not very, you might say. To change this, Lorena wrote a book called “The Shadow in her Pocket.” Wow! You can check out Lorena’s book here.

Our money expert is Emily Green. She is a Director of Private Wealth at Ellevest, a financial company built by women, for women. Emily helps people create strategies for removing financial risk and building wealth over the long term. Simply put, financial advisors help you with all types of money planning. That means they can help you with everything from budgeting to saving for retirement. Emily’s advice: "Start saving early!"

Girl with a piggy bank, stat about girls saving and financial decisions, GLAM logo
We need to boost financial confidence in girls!

Lorena interviewed Emily about her job as a Director of Private Wealth and her life as a financial analyst. It is such an interesting and inspiring conversation to hear about Emily’s career and her passion for helping others find financial security. There are many nuggets in this video, including the importance of starting to save money at a very young age – it’s never too soon, according to Emily, and it accumulates quickly. Emily shares about her Superpower and how important and helpful it is to help her do her job every day.

Watch the video to hear more from Lorena and Emily

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