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STEM is where the party is!

Interested in a future career in STEM or becoming a better leader to those around you? If so, then this interview is for you! Caroline Rowland is the Vice President of Talent at Arm and is an amazing Human Resources leader. She fully recognizes the need for more women and increased diversity in STEM. Watch the interview to find out more about the variety of STEM roles, future career opportunities at Arm, and Caroline's superpowers.

“The party is found when Science, Technology, Engineering & Math are involved!”

These fields are growing exponentially and we need strong passionate women to join these careers. Caroline offers advice and tips on how to do that in this interview. She also talks about how important mentorship is, and how good leaders are not born, but made. YOU can be a wonderful leader; start by looking at the great leaders around you and learning from them!

More about Caroline Rowland

Caroline Rowland is an inspiration to all she encounters. She is passionate about uplifting and empowering young women to enter STEM fields. She leads a global team of thirty-five talented professionals. Not only is Caroline a hard worker, but also a mom to two children, and a mentor to other senior femal