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Tracy Holland talks superpowers

At GLAM, we love superpowers and heroes! And wow, have we got two incredible superheroes for this interview in our Inspiring Girls Speaker Series.

Our first superhero is Jiya Kohar, an avid sports lover who is very good at Taekwondo. In fact, Jiya holds a Black Belt title! Not only that, but she is a state champion and silver medalist in the USA Taekwondo National Championships. If that isn't astounding, Jiya is also vice-president of a global nonprofit organization. It's hard to imagine that Jiya has achieved all this considering that she is also only 11 years old.

Our next superhero is very much "super" and a "hero"! She is Tracy Holland, CEO and Founder of HatchBeauty Brands. Tracy is a business leader who runs her beauty and wellness company, works with celebrities to bring products to market, and makes sure she takes the time to help other women entrepreneurs find success! Tracy has taken time out of her busy schedule to share with us the experience of growing up in an environment that wasn't always safe and how this led her to strive for success.

If you enjoyed this interview, please visit the Inspiring Girls Speaker Series for more.

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