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Allyship and Advocacy Help Inspire More Girls in STEM

Global Virtual GLAM Event with WIN Tech Network at LSEG and iTalent Digital: April 2024

For a second year, the WIN Tech Network at LSEG sponsored a global virtual GLAM event! More than 70 girls from all over the world registered for this engaging, three-hour online program to learn from five inspirational speakers, to participate in three live Question & Answer sessions, and to explore coding using the Scratch coding language.

Our incredible event host was the multi-award-winning public speaking and business pitching expert, Chelsey Baker. Chelsey is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of National Mentoring Day. NMD organizes the largest celebration of mentoring in the world, occurring annually on October 27th. Chelsey brought incredible energy, enthusiasm, and passion for mentoring others into her host role. This was felt and appreciated by both volunteers and attendees!

Akua Opong, Senior IT Engineer for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Desktop at LSEG, was the first speaker and really engaged the girls. Akua spoke about her current role, her superpowers, her career journey, as well as her volunteer work as a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador and a Neurodiversity Advocate. Akua also emphasized the importance of male allyship and advocacy for women.

Irfan Hussain, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at LSEG, focused on the GLAM Pillars of Leadership and Teamwork. Irfan shared the importance of inclusion to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share and be heard.

Nirav Mehta, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at LSEG, discussed the GLAM Pillar of Strategy in relation to the stock market and finances. Nirav explained how the stock market works, bringing this to life with a real-world example of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company - yum!

Tracy Adams, Pink CEO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Who Codes at Greetr, addressed the GLAM Pillar of Entrepreneurship. Tracy encouraged the girls to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to help them innovate, dream big, and believe that anything is possible!

Finally, Chelsey Baker presented the journey into tech for Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Girls Leadership Academy Meetup, Renée La Londe. Renée founded GLAM to ensure girls have life-changing opportunities like this program, and without financial burdens on their families. Hearing Renée’s story helps the girls understand that it’s important to give back to others when you achieve success.

GLAM event speakers top left to right: Akua Opong, Irfan Hussain, and Chelsey Baker GLAM event speakers bottom left to right: Nirav Mehta, Tracy Adams, and Renée La Londe

After a short comfort break, the girls reengaged for a fun coding session. Event host Chelsey Baker reviewed the ways that we use code. Chelsey then presented the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so the girls could determine which UN SDGs directly relate to gardening, the topic of our new coding curriculum!


After this brief introduction, 28 incredible LSEG volunteers and our attendees moved into seven different breakout rooms. The coding leads, co-leads, and assistants provided amazing support to the girls, who were thoroughly engaged in coding their virtual gardens!

Examples of the attendee-created, sustainable, garden projects using the Scratch coding language
Coding volunteers who supported the seven online coding sessions

The wrap-up of this GLAM event was powerful. Girls shared their key takeaways from the event. In addition, they expressed their appreciation for the speakers, volunteers, and Team GLAM. Our energetic host Chelsey encouraged the girls to unmute themselves and shout in unison, “Thank you LSEG” and then “We love coding” as loudly as they could!

Here are some examples of meaningful feedback shared by speakers, volunteers, as well as attendees:

Tracy Adams, Pink CEO Who Codes at Greetr: "Speaking at the GLAM event was an incredibly rewarding experience, filled with the energy and enthusiasm of aspiring young leaders. It was an honor to contribute to such a transformative initiative that empowers girls and young women to reach their fullest potential."


Ria Davey, Group Director People Partnering for Data & Analytics in Technology at LSEG: “Being a co-lead for the GLAM event was a really fulfilling experience personally and professionally. Witnessing the enthusiasm and excitement of the girls as they learned to code was incredibly inspirational and truly empowering. Collaborating with the dedicated team of volunteers and organizers was equally rewarding. Being part of the event reminded me of the profound impact we can have on the future generation and I am proud to represent LSEG in doing this.”

GLAM parent​ - "These GLAM sessions are more than just events; they're transformative experiences that ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and empower participants to explore the limitless possibilities of technology. Highly recommend!"


GLAM participant ​ - “[I most enjoyed] that we got to code with the other girls because I normally code with boys.”

GLAM participant​ - “This is the best coding experience I have ever had. I can't wait to come back next year!”


Team GLAM recognizes and extends appreciation to our host, speakers, and coding volunteers who supported this GLAM event. We couldn’t have delivered this program without you!

Many of the volunteers who supported the delivery of this global virtual GLAM event

To find out how you can become involved with Girls Leadership Academy Meetup in helping bridge the gender gap and reduce gender bias in STEM, business, and leadership, we would love for you to engage with us! Watch some program content on GLAMtv, read some recent blog posts, encourage your business partners to sponsor a GLAM program, follow @GLAMReadyToLead on socials, donate, or email us for more information.


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