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GLAM Business Pitch Winner’s Stories: Bringing Coding Creativity to the Community!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Welcome to our first installment of the GLAM Business Pitch Winner’s Stories! We’re so glad you’re here! We’re sure you're wondering- what do coding, creativity, and community have in common? Our first guest, Aniya, provides that connection!

Aniya is 11-years-old and one of the 2021 GLAM Virtual winners. She attended the Arm event in June, but broke her arm during the final week. Aniya was able to submit her business pitch for the Arm event in August. Her business idea, Lemonz n Bubblez, won her a Superpower Award!

Aniya's unique business idea was to develop a coding app where her customers could order specialty drinks. During her recovery from a broken arm, Aniya started exploring the drawing features in the Scratch coding program. She began designing characters and giving them different accessories. Aniya realized that these sprites could be applied to an actual ordering app and that customers could personalize their drink orders using her innovative program!

Once Aniya’s arm was healed enough, she wanted to trial her ordering app with real customers. She created an outdoor stall in her driveway and set up shop. Aniya’s friends and family came to help. Neighbors came by and used her app to place their specialty drink orders. Despite the rainy conditions that day, the Lemonz n Bubblez trial was quite a success! Aniya made £180/ about $230, and donated 10% of her profits to the World Wildlife Fund. Is it any surprise that she won an award?

Aniya inspires us all to overcome obstacles by seeing them as opportunities for exploration and growth. Aniya used her superpowers of persuader, communicator, and trainer to bring her business idea of Lemonz n Bubblez to reality within her community. GLAM cannot wait to see her business continue to grow!

Watch the interview:

You can watch Aniya’s business pitch here.

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You can see Aniya in action with her business trial here.

You can discover your own superpowers here.

More about Aniya

Aniya is 11 years old. She enjoys design, technology, and learning new coding skills on Scratch. Her superpowers and creativity shine through her business plan and ordering app, both which were designed entirely by her! Aniya hopes to continue developing her business and expand her customer base this upcoming summer.

More about Stephanie Luna-Lopez

Stephanie is one of the Operations Specialists on Team GLAM. She started out as a GLAM Mentor at our live events in 2018. Stephanie enjoys mentoring and advising people. She believes that helping others achieve their goals is one of the greatest gifts. She loves to cook, as well as spend time with her family and friends.

If you have any questions or comments, please email Team GLAM at We would love to receive your feedback!

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