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GLAM Business Pitch Winner’s Stories: Finding the Sunny Side of Mental Health!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Video games are enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. They captivate each player’s attention for long periods of time. You can easily get lost in a fantasy world, completing a mission for hours. Lucy was playing a video game one day when she realized that she could reach and connect with other kids. If kids are going to spend hours playing video games, why not help support their mental health and overall wellness? Well, that’s the purpose of the SunnySide Up app!

Lucy was the Overall Winner of GLAM Virtual with Arm and Hatchbeauty Brands in January 2021. Her SunnySide Up app provides games that include mental health activities and check-in questions to support your mental health as well as your emotional wellness. Her inspiration stemmed from her love of video games and awareness of mental health struggles among kids. Lucy was able to design an app that would be relatable to other young gamers like herself. Lucy’s Superpower of Persuader, Explorer, and Investigator aided in her app development and business plan.

Lucy’s business pitch stood out to the judges because of her extensive preparation and strong presentation skills. Little did we know that Lucy was a shy person and a bit nervous when it came to public speaking. Thanks to our inspiring speaker presentations and public speaking mentorship from Chelsey Baker, Lucy developed her presentation skills and practiced her pitch until she felt confident enough to click ‘record’!

All of us on Team GLAM are incredibly proud of Lucy’s growth and her increasing self-confidence. Keep placing the sunny side up, Lucy!

You can watch Lucy’s business pitch here.

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More about Lucy

Lucy is 11 years old, recently started at a new school, and enjoys learning new skills in her STEM classes. Lucy likes to play video games in her free time. This is part of what inspired her to create the SunnySide Up app. Since her participation in and completion of GLAM Virtual in early 2021, Lucy has gained such self-confidence and has greatly improved her public speaking skills. We are thrilled to learn that our empowering speakers and mentors have supported her growth in such impactful ways!

More about Stephanie Luna-Lopez

Stephanie is one of the Operations Specialists on Team GLAM. She started out as a GLAM Mentor at our live events in 2018. Stephanie enjoys mentoring and advising people. She believes that helping others achieve their goals is one of the greatest gifts. She enjoys playing tennis, as well as spending time with her family and friends.

Watch the interview

If you want to empower young leaders like Lucy, please email Team GLAM at for information on how your company can sponsor a GLAM Event.

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