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GLAM Business Pitch Winner’s Stories: Flying Above and Beyond with Art and Technology!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Welcome to our next GLAM Business Pitch Winner’s Story! Meet Yashoda, a STEAM Award Winner at GLAM Virtual with Arm in August 2021. GLAM Virtual is a leadership program that prepares girls for public speaking, business creation, and leadership roles in STEM fields. Yashoda created her own business, Flying Colours, where she combines art, creativity, and technology through virtual art classes!

Yashoda has always loved art, and showed natural talent at a very young age. When she was three years old, she won an art competition with her drawing of a whale! With the knowledge she gained from the GLAM Virtual program, she was able to build a formal business understanding and develop her hobby into a business. GLAM also provided her a fantastic platform to network with mentors and listen to like-minded girls with a passion for business in various disciplines. “Every interaction with the GLAM team further increases my confidence and inspires me to achieve even more!” Yashoda shared.

How did technology come into the picture? Yashoda saw that students her age were at home because of the pandemic, and that her parents were meeting with their students using Zoom. So Yashoda began hosting virtual art classes as a hobby in February 2021. Beyond sharing artistic talents, she was inspired to start offering art classes so that others out of school had something fun to learn and to engage in virtually. The GLAM Business Pitch sessions helped her develop her business plan and launch her virtual classes. Here are some examples of Yashoda’s art. Her artistic skills span many genres and mediums.

You can watch Yashoda’s business pitch here.

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What’s next for Yashoda and Flying Colours? Yashoda continues to offer virtual art classes and the number of attendees is growing! She has a new student who is learning to draw cartoons. We are so inspired by Yashoda’s STEAM business. Her superpowers of being a developer, explorer, and supporter definitely helped her create and launch Flying Colours. We are thrilled to know that the GLAM Business Pitch template and training helped with her business development. All of us at GLAM can’t wait to see Yashoda’s business, as well as her artistic talents, continue to grow!

More about Yashoda

Yashoda is a 12-year-old who loves to draw, especially cartoon characters. Her virtual art classes have served as mutual inspiration for Yashoda and for her students. Not only is she teaching art to others, but she is also learning new drawing techniques from her participants. Yashoda is focused on her studies at the moment, and is excited to host more virtual art classes in the summer.

More about Stephanie Luna-Lopez

Stephanie is one of the Operations Specialists on Team GLAM. She started out as a GLAM Mentor at our live events in 2018. Stephanie enjoys mentoring and advising people. She believes that helping others achieve their goals is one of the greatest gifts. She loves to play tennis, as well as spend time with her family and friends.

Watch the interview

If you want to empower young leaders like Yashoda, please email Team GLAM at for information on how your company can host a GLAM Event.



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