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How sports can help you at work and in life

We are excited to share inspiring insights from our GLAM interview with Rhonda Vetere! In our interview, Rhonda shares how she benefits from her active lifestyle and offers great advice for getting into technology!

More about Rhonda Vetere

Rhonda is recognized as one of the Most Powerful Women in Technology by Women in Tech, is a two-time author and an active leader. She is super busy, spearheading corporate initiatives around the world, competing in IRONMAN triathlons, and mentoring students and athletes globally in STEM through sports. Rhonda’s mission:

“I connect people from all around the globe and help make their lives and work better and easier through technology. I lead companies and institutions towards implementing innovative tech, finding cost-effective solutions, auditing existing IT, and mitigating risks.”

Our host for this interview is GLAM Mentor Shani Zuberi

Shani has been a GLAM mentor & speaker at GLAM events since 2017. Shani is and author, creative professional and media creator. She wants to be a film producer one day and run her own film production company.

Rhonda and Shani are both GLAM Sheroes you can find their superpower profiles on GLAMSquad.

Watch the interview

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Toby G
Toby G
Sep 25, 2021

Hi thanks ffor posting this

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